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La fortuna de:

Organic Gin Bertoni
Botánica silvestre Guaraní

The legend behind a distillate
based on wild
Guarani botany.

Bertoni’s fortune consists in a diary divided in:

3 capítulos,

as a tribute to the naturalist and botanist Moisés Bertoni during his expedition in Guaraní lands.

  • Capitulo 1: El origen
  • Capitulo 2: El legado
  • Capitulo 3: La fortuna

Capitulo 1: El origen

Bertoni Gin Capitulo 1

The Origin is the understanding of nature. For Bertoni, understanding the origin of herbs, their compounds, their forms, and the study of their meanings in nature, were an important act through which he finally understood that every fortune has an origin.

A root that binds it allegorically with the earth, manifesting the origin’s conception as a tree orchestra, playing within the forest of inspiration. The origin of Bertoni's fortune began in Guaraní lands.

While studying Guarani nature and herbs, he had meetings with indigenous tribes, recognizing their culture as similar to his own.

Knowing and estimating the origin of things had an important value for Bertoni in the path towards achieving a sort of spiritual fortune.

Bertoni Gin Capitulo 2

Capitulo 2: El legado

The Legacy is the process Bertoni went through before achieving the expected fortune. Committing himself to fulfill a legacy with which a more intimate part of his research and study would be recognized.

The mysteries of this legacy were interrupted by prophecies and signs from the Guarani land. The Ñamandú god, "a mysterious being and an ancient force of the forests" as quoted by Bertoni himself, spoke to him in a dream, and asked him to write the legacy of an unusual concoction, which would represent the fortune of the land that had welcomed him. That was when, from Bertoni’s inspiration, a distillate was born: a distillate from native lands.

Bertoni Gin Capitulo 3

Capitulo 3: La fortuna

Bertoni kept the diary a secret, since one of the instructions he received in his dreams was to bury the pages inside a bottle and throw it into the Paraná River, where it would be found at the ideal time.

In the final part of the diary, the recipe for the “distillate”, as is defined by Bertoni, is cited. The fortune Bertoni left as his legacy represents him today, paying tribute to the naturalistic passion for which he would one day be remembered.

Ñamandú no longer visited him in his dreams, and Bertoni's fortune was found a century later, with the purpose of keeping the wisdom and philosophy of the naturalist and writer, Moisés Bertoni, alive.

Organic Gin Bertoni

Originem Fortuna Est.

A gin made of wild Guarani botany, with a legend that pays tribute to the studies and discoveries of the Swiss naturalist, botanist and anarchist writer, Moisés Bertoni.

El origen de un destilado originario

El origen de un destilado originario

Gin Bertoni sello
Organic Gin Bertoni

In order to obtain the best flavor, we took inspiration from the wild botany of the Guarani land, macerated for just the right time. Botanicals are organically selected in the fields from their natural origin until they are integrated with the distillate.

Our gin’s quality is based on a subtle and purely handmade process. Its perfection is a result of repeated numbers of distillations, which in turn provide a much more natural, harmonious, and intense aroma.

Gin Bertoni sello
Organic Gin Bertoni

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Organic Gin Bertoni

The process to make the best distillates is an aspect that we do not overlook. From the independent maceration of each botanical, to its packaging to its final rest.

The alembic not only distills the fortune we offer to the world, but all the flavors that make up Bertoni's creation, transport us to the originating lands where we saw them sprout, abound and give off aromas that remind us of our origin.